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Consultations and Guidance Sleep Support

Sleep deprivation is a common concern for new parents, and rightfully so. Even the most patient parent can become weary quickly when deprived of a sufficient amount of sleep. Rather than trying out a one size fits all approach, our sleep consultation program is customized to each individual family based on personal needs and philosophy.

  • Should I put my baby on a schdeule?
  • When should we stop swaddling our baby?
  • Is it OK to sleep with our baby?
  • How do I cut down on night feedings?
  • I spend hours on rocking our baby to sleep, help!

In a sleep consultation these questions and others are addressed. The difference between your child's sleep needs and your own are identified and a plan that works for everyone is implemented. The goal is that going to sleep should be something that is enjoyable not stressful.

Mom Support Inc.

In-home Consulting:

Jessica Shapley will visit your home for a 75-minute consultation that includes a history assessment, nursery visit, one-on-one consultation, a personalized plan to match your parenting style and your baby's needs. Follow-up phone calls and emails. Available only in NYC Metro area.

Phone Consulting:

Speak to Jessica by phone for a 60 minute consultation that includes a sleep assessment, consult session, a personalized plan to match your parenting style and baby's needs. Follow-up emails and phone calls during implementation of plan. National and international phone consults available.

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