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Infant Massagehummingbird

Infant massage is a wonderful way for both mothers and fathers to bond with, learn about and calm their baby. Learn how to communicate, nurture, stimulate and soothe your child by mastering the rituals and techniques of baby massaging.


Attend a 1-day class or 4-week series to learn about the benefits, routines and techniques of infant massage, while also meeting other parents.

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Private Lessons:

Learn the art of baby massage in the privacy of your own home. Jessica will come to your home and teach you and your partner how to give a soothing, stimulating and nurturing massage.

Host a Massage Party!

Invite your friends over to learn about massaging together!
This get-together is fun for everyone, especially the babies!

Call for details at 347.875.7123

Gift Certificate:

Give the gift they can share with their child throughout their young lives. Couples receive one-on-one training on the benefits, routines and techniques for infant massaging.

Infant Massage