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New York New and Expectant Mothers Event

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

So- I was a part of the new and expectant moms event, yesterday.  It was sponsored by New York Family. I shared my table with Katie Kheil one of the dance instructors (and moms)  of Discovery Program (100th and West End).  Their program has been around since the 70s and provides programing for families from newborn through adolescents. Mommy/daddy and me, movement, dance, support, parenting programs and more

I got to see past participants from my groups and sleep clients on to their own mother-business ventures.  I have always felt that mother hood gives birth to new and different careers, as well.

I got to see friends and colleagues like Deb Flashenberg from Preantal Yoga Center, Felina from the Upper Breast Side www.upperbreastside, Joanna and Bianca from Metro Minis (, Laura Heller from babyfingers ( I met Lance of  NYC Dads Group, which is “an active group of involved fathers in NYC”.  Tracy Gary from . I got to meet people in person who I have only had a virtual connection with.  People like Lara Paul from ikidsny, The car seat lady and more

This is the first of one of these “trade show”  events I have embarked on.  I smiled a lot, schmoozed and collected a lot of goodies from the other tables.  They even had a free Gelato booth.  NO sugar for me tho, I kept a safe distance.

I also got to see a lot of my “past new moms”.  We are talking like moms onto their 2nd or 3rd baby- the oldest being 7 years and me feeling like the proud “grandma”- YIKES : )

I have been providing support and services to new moms and families for over  10 years.  Prior to this, I had worked with individuals and families; facilitating groups and providing service, for another 10 years. WOW, I’ve been at this a while. But it’s interesting, or maybe not.  It always feels new.

This work is something quite precious to me about working with a new mom or parent or family.  There is usually such an openness, a desire and need and want to build community around you and your (new) family. Each relationship, each family unit, each group of new moms finds a different energy and a different need and it’s great to be a part of this growth, inquiry and connection.

Thank you Mommies and New Families and Happy Mother’s Day!

Welcome to the Mom Support Blog!

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Welcome to the Mom Support Blog!

Congratulations to all the new and not as new parents out there. Here we are in September, already?! In my family this means back to school, back to schedules and getting the sweaters out (I love that part). September for me represents beginnings, a new-ness, a start! I know how isolating new motherhood can be.

Connecting with other moms and families “around the corner” can make a huge difference. So, one of the new things I am working on is extending my New Mom’s Groups to reach moms in more neighborhoods (where you, all, live). I will be on the Upper East Side at Metro Minis, regularly.

I am also quite excited about my collaboration with Bill Gallagher (my hubby) and Richard Sable on a Pelvic Floor Workshop. Bill is an integrative physical therapist ( and Richard is an occupational therapist ( The workshop combines yoga, Feldenkrais, qigong, breath work and conventional non-invasive therapies to stabilize and strengthen the pelvic floor, the core. This certainly affects women which can stem from child birth, trauma, age and injury. Opportunity will be given to share in a safe space, exploring the emotional factors that might keep some from seeking therapeutic rehab or isolated from social activity and even intimacy, due to discomfort, shame and the need to be close to a bathroom.

So lots ahead, always including and addressing the needs and helping to build the support for moms and families. Enjoy the fall and I hope to see, or hear, from you along the way.

Jessica of MomSupport: Identifying your power to embrace the journey!