My body knows it’s September

The last three weeks before school begins my cellular memory kicks into gear, often with much ambivalence.  For blah blah years my body senses the  transition of back to school time and the busy-ness of September even before my mind realizes it. Since having kids this has continued and morphed into adding other’s schedules and fall plans into the mix while coordinating childcare, after-school programming and getting back into a daily routine.  I must remember to breathe!

We have kept back to school time conversations on the table, wondering about teachers, friendships and possibilities while exploring  emotions, intentions, hopes and fears around these and getting motivation from the best inspirational quotes online.  My almost 9 year old shared what she wished for herself, for the year. Wow, blessing the year with intention, what an incredible idea.  So, this evening we each went around and stated what we were interested in striving for this year.

And then there is sleep.  With the whole non-schedule routine happening, there had been a go to sleep late/wake up late thing going on. For the sake of everyone here we started working on this a few days before the first day of school. As a sleep consultant that works with families, I will put some of my own advice into actions.  1. Start with the beginning of the day, even if the night before was a late one.  By waking your child up at a particular time, going to bed at night might have  less struggle.   2. Keep the kids active during the day.   3. Start a wind down an hour before bed (for us this means turning off electronics and beginning our evening routine).  4. Lights out in time to have approximately 10 hours of sleep (for school aged children).

So here’s to September, the beginning of school, my daughter’s birthday month, my dog’s birthday month, my anniversary month and the Jewish New Year, kicking off my work season and whatever else life seems to offer. Hmmm, maybe I should take a deep breath and catch up to myself.

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