The food or the monsters, which was scarier?

After nixing¬† Melia’s (my daughter) wish to have her birthday party here, we decided as a family to go to lunch at Jekyll and Hyde restaurant in NYC. I am sure some people love this place, I am not exactly sure who. Maybe there are things to like about it but my husband and I thought it was pricey,¬† dusty and the food as close to inedible as I have ever experienced.¬†¬† I commissioned my daughter, Jaya, to (literally) type up her and her sister’s opinions of this restaurant. I think they hit the nail on the coffin (ha ha).

In their own words -Jaya’s and Melia’s Opinion and Review:

Why did you want to go to Jekyll and Hyde?
melia’s responds: i thought it would be better.
jaya’s responds: i¬† thought it would be more fun.

What did you expect?
melia’s responds: i hoped it would be more funny scary not scary scary
jaya’s responds: brains and bloody eye’s for meals waiters dressed in ogre costume’s.

What did you experience when you got there?

melia’s responds: i was really scared i wanted to go home.
jaya’s responds: i felt the need to cling on to daddy and have melia be my tester for popping up monsters.
Was it what you wanted it to be?
melia’s responds: no!
jaya’s responds: not really no.
What did you eat?  How was the food?
melia’s responds:all the food had m.s.g. it made me tired and thirsty
jaya’s responds: the food was disgusting.the h20 was better than the food.

extra info:
jaya’s responds: the commercial said for 5 and up it should say for 9 and up. This scary skeleton came down from the ceiling and this little girl started crying.
How many stars: 5 is the best

Food Jaya no stars Melia 1 star                      

Cleanliness Jaya -1 star, Melia -0 star
Entertainment Jaya 5 stars, Melia 5 stars
Scary pop ups Jaya -1 star melia -1 star
arcade  Jaya 2 star Melia 5 stars (because i got to hide in the photo booth)


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