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The food or the monsters, which was scarier?

Monday, September 28th, 2009

After nixing  Melia’s (my daughter) wish to have her birthday party here, we decided as a family to go to lunch at Jekyll and Hyde restaurant in NYC. I am sure some people love this place, I am not exactly sure who. Maybe there are things to like about it but my husband and I thought it was pricey,  dusty and the food as close to inedible as I have ever experienced.   I commissioned my daughter, Jaya, to (literally) type up her and her sister’s opinions of this restaurant. I think they hit the nail on the coffin (ha ha).

In their own words -Jaya’s and Melia’s Opinion and Review:

Why did you want to go to Jekyll and Hyde?
melia’s responds: i thought it would be better.
jaya’s responds: i  thought it would be more fun.

What did you expect?
melia’s responds: i hoped it would be more funny scary not scary scary
jaya’s responds: brains and bloody eye’s for meals waiters dressed in ogre costume’s.

What did you experience when you got there?

melia’s responds: i was really scared i wanted to go home.
jaya’s responds: i felt the need to cling on to daddy and have melia be my tester for popping up monsters.
Was it what you wanted it to be?
melia’s responds: no!
jaya’s responds: not really no.
What did you eat?  How was the food?
melia’s responds:all the food had m.s.g. it made me tired and thirsty
jaya’s responds: the food was disgusting.the h20 was better than the food.

extra info:
jaya’s responds: the commercial said for 5 and up it should say for 9 and up. This scary skeleton came down from the ceiling and this little girl started crying.
How many stars: 5 is the best

Food Jaya no stars Melia 1 star                      

Cleanliness Jaya -1 star, Melia -0 star
Entertainment Jaya 5 stars, Melia 5 stars
Scary pop ups Jaya -1 star melia -1 star
arcade  Jaya 2 star Melia 5 stars (because i got to hide in the photo booth)

Woman gets pregnant while pregnant

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Woman gets pregnant – while pregnant
An Arkansas couple found out that they were having a baby and then discovered they were having two babies – but they aren’t twins, according to media reports.
Hard to believe. How does the birth go? So many questions!

Becoming a new mom

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

The birth of a baby coincides with the birth of a mother.  However life as a baby, as well as life as a mother come in stages of development.  Sometimes these stages don’t develop at the same rate.  I believe much of this has to do with our focus on the birth and not quite being able to fully picture what life with baby will be like. Certainly we all are told things and read things and have ideas about things but until we have OUR baby we can’t truly understand what day to day (or rather moment to moment) life is really going to be like. The nursing, the sleep even how we are bonding with our baby  are often surprises to mothers.

Some moms are fortunate to fall in love right away, many feel the mama bear instinct rise immediately but some of us, feeling in love takes a bit longer. Accepting wherever we might be at, asking and receiving help to support our journey (physically and emotionally) and continuing to care  and nurture our newborns is the job at hand.  But what about ourSelves? It is somewhat hard to keep track of our own needs when we are so consumed and sleep deprived. When extended family is far away or the relationship is strained it is important to pull in whatever resources we can, hiring a doula, saying “yes” to a neighbor volunteering to walk the dog, joining a new mothers support group where you can receive and give emotional support to other women growing through a similar experience. Building a network of support is one of the best things you can do for yourself, which in turn is one of the best things you can do for your baby. Hillary wasn’t kidding when she said “it takes a village”.

The challenges of sleep.

Friday, September 18th, 2009

This probably sounds familiar to most parents. Does not make it any easier, but you can smile reading this article in the New York Times Blog.

Here is the link to

Good Night and Tough Luck

Welcome to the Mom Support Blog!

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Welcome to the Mom Support Blog!

Congratulations to all the new and not as new parents out there. Here we are in September, already?! In my family this means back to school, back to schedules and getting the sweaters out (I love that part). September for me represents beginnings, a new-ness, a start! I know how isolating new motherhood can be.

Connecting with other moms and families “around the corner” can make a huge difference. So, one of the new things I am working on is extending my New Mom’s Groups to reach moms in more neighborhoods (where you, all, live). I will be on the Upper East Side at Metro Minis, regularly.

I am also quite excited about my collaboration with Bill Gallagher (my hubby) and Richard Sable on a Pelvic Floor Workshop. Bill is an integrative physical therapist ( and Richard is an occupational therapist ( The workshop combines yoga, Feldenkrais, qigong, breath work and conventional non-invasive therapies to stabilize and strengthen the pelvic floor, the core. This certainly affects women which can stem from child birth, trauma, age and injury. Opportunity will be given to share in a safe space, exploring the emotional factors that might keep some from seeking therapeutic rehab or isolated from social activity and even intimacy, due to discomfort, shame and the need to be close to a bathroom.

So lots ahead, always including and addressing the needs and helping to build the support for moms and families. Enjoy the fall and I hope to see, or hear, from you along the way.

Jessica of MomSupport: Identifying your power to embrace the journey!